Zeno Vogel worked and learned for six years in the office of Peter Zumthor in Haldenstein, ending with the construction of Haus Gugalun, Versam (1993). After a year of studies at the BiA, Berlage institute Amsterdam, he collaborated for 10 years with Meili, Peter Architekten, Zurich. Common projects with Marcel Meili and Markus Peter are, among others, the Swiss School for the Wood Industry, Biel (1999) and the Park Hyatt Hotel, Zurich (2004). Since 2004 he has run his own practice in Zurich together with Nahoko Hara, and since 2012, with Juerg Spaar. From the cooperation with Jan Peter Wingender at the BiA resulted an ongoing conversation as well as, since 2007, numerous projects with Wingender Hovenier Architecten / office_winhov.
1969 Born in Basel, grew up in Village-Neuf (F), Baccalauréat C
1987 – 1991 Apprenticeship as draftsman in the practice of Peter Zumthor, Haldenstein.
1991 – 1993 Collaboration in the pratice of Peter Zumthor, Haldenstein:
• Evangelische Altersiedlung Masans, Chur
• Haus Gugalun, Versam (Projectleading Architect)
1993 – 1994 Studies at the BiA, Berlage institute Amsterdam
among others with Hermann Hertzberger, Kenneth Frampton and Tony Fretton
1994 – 2004 Architect at Meili, Peter Architekten AG, Zurich,
from 1999 on, member of the directory board,
from 2001 on partner responsible for numerous projects and competitions.
Common projects „Marcel Meili, Markus Peter with Zeno Vogel“:
• Swiss School for the Wood Industry, Biel, 1994 – 1999
• Park Hyatt Hotel, Zurich, 2000 – 2004
Since 2004 Independent architect in Zurich, practice with Nahoko Hara
2007 Swiss Art Award
Since 2009 Architect Register A
Since 2010 haratori Architekten GmbH, together with Nahoko Hara
Since 2012 office haratori GmbH, together with Nahoko Hara and Juerg Spaar
  Architect Register A/SIA
Since 2016 office haratori GmbH, together with Mercè Portell